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  • » Don’t base your strategy only on tenders
  • » Supplies officers need to find you for RFQ’s
  • » Individuals need to find you and support your business
  • » Add profile or specials in PDF format for easy downloading
  • » Add as many products or services you offer
  • » Add up-to 30 product / service images
  • » Add your geo-coordinates for location viewing on Google Maps
  • » Indicate your operating times
  • » Include your social media handles (facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc.)

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  • » Updated daily by subscribers
  • » Shows exactly where property is (District, Village / City and Ward)
  • » List as many properties for a week
  • » List features for your property (general, security, convenience)
  • » Set type of property (Multi res, plot, farm, apartment, etc
  • » Indicate if you are selling or leasing
  • » Show price, beds, baths, etc
  • » Include description, gen location, nearest mall, etc
  • » Add up-to 10 property images

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